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Alive Izanami smite skin concept - fanart

Alive Izanami Skin concept (?)
I as bored and thought i'd put this together.. took me 2.5 hours to draw everything

Note - in traditional Japanese art, just like Amaterasu and all the others, Izanami is depicted with high up drawn on poof brows (really don't know what else to call them)

With it being an 'alive' skin i wanted to depict her in her clothing used in game, but it complete and pretty

drawing the Kimono was a bit difficult though, because typically Kimono are not depicted with the asymmetrical layer on one side - but she is depicted like that in game.. finding the reasoning for it and honestly weather not i should have included it was a struggle for me because it's not 100 percent accurate with how Kimono work- especially ones worn by Goddesses.

On the left you can see my original idea. i wanted to go for very very traditional looking.. but i felt it tore too much away from her original design which is not what i wanted to do.

Alive Izanami - Smite skin concept